How to Make Hair Healthy Again?

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In a previous discussion, we talked about the secrets to having healthy hair.  In this article we are going to discuss how to make hair healthy again after damage has occurred.

Here’s the thing, it’s virtually impossible to reverse damage that has already occurred to the hair.  Once the damage happens, you can deep condition and do everything you can to reverse it, but it’s not going work.  But, gradually trimming the damaged hair out along with the following steps is how to make hair healthy again.

Step 1) No More Chemicals

Chemical Relaxers and Permanent Color can cause breakage to occur, especially if they are both done simultaneously on the same head of hair.  So the first time you notice breakage in your hair and you think it’s related to a chemical service, consult your stylist.  Stopping the chemical treatments in your hair is essential to getting you hair healthy again.  If you don’t stop the chemicals and the problem gets worse, the situation will be even harder to fix down the line.  Overprocessing or using too many chemicals on the hair and scalp can also cause permanent damage to the scalp.  Believe me you don’t want it to get this bad because at that point your stylist will be referring you to a dermatologist because there’s nothing else they can do for you.  If you have permanent color on your hair, simply putting a rinse, a non-chemical based color, on the hair will fill the cuticle and leave the hair soft throughout the growing out process.

2)  Deep Conditioning – Deep Conditioning is Essential to Regain Strength to Damaged Hair.

Deep Conditioning can be Done Several Different Ways:

In the shower, shampoo and condition the hair first and allow the conditioner to sit on the hair for at least 5 minutes in the steam of the shower.
After shower,  just wear a plastic cap for 20 minutes at home
After washing your hair, sit under a under a hooded dryer wearing a plastic cap for 15 minutes
or you can get a hydration treatment, under a hair steamer from your stylist.

Now, alternating protein and moisture with your conditioning treatments is a great idea.  The protein is for strength or fortifying the strand, where the moisturizing is to soften the hair.

3)  Regular Trims


I say this again and again in every article that I write.  Getting a trim every 6-8 weeks is essential to have healthy hair!  This is also necessary when growing out damaged hair.  As your healthy hair grows out you have to trim the damaged hair off of the ends of your hair.  A haircut is also a good alternative to a slow grow out.  Cutting all of the damaged hair out of the head will allow you to start over from scratch.  Most women may opt out of this because having damaged hair can be traumatizing enough without the horror of hacking all of your hair off at once.


So those are the steps of how to make your hair healthy again.  Take control and start your healthy hair journey today!

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