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So you have long hair, which usually means it’s well past your shoulders, but you’re not sure what to do with it?  Well, it’s one thing to actually grow your hair to what’s considered long, but it’s another thing to actually enjoy it once you get there.  Most women dream of the day their own hair will grow long.  My clients always work hard to get there, but once they’re there they don’t know what to do with it.  I often will suggest adding some color to the hair, just to make it more interesting.  And I always believe that layering the hair will keep movement in the hair, and that’s always a good idea.

styling_long_hair2 If you’ve grown your hair long and it’s all one length with no layers cut into it, than you are extremely limited with your styling.  My advice is to find a stylist that’s good with long hair and ask for some long layers to be cut in.  That’s a great place to start.  Here are 3 tips for styling long hair after you’ve gotten the layers.

Rollerset Your Hair


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Roller setting your hair is a great way to put body into it.  I suggest using magnetic (smooth) rollers with a light hold setting lotion.  You can dilute your setting lotion in a spray bottle, 1 part solution, 3 parts water.  If your hair is relaxed after you take out the rollers you can wrap your hair overnight to calm down the poufy look.


If you’ve already flat ironed your hair you can pin curl your hair before you go to sleep at night, so that you will awake with some added curl and body.  This is good for natural hair that has been flat ironed to wear a straight look.  You don’t have to put on the hair in order to pin curl it.  Take large sections (about 6 to 8 over the entire head) and roll with your fingers in a 2 to 3 inch diameter.  There is no need to roll long hair all the way to the scalp.  I like to let mine dangle and pin with a roller clip at the base to secure it.  Then cover with a satin bonnet before you go to bed.  In the morning, if done properly, you will have beautiful body and curl on the ends of your hair.styling_long_hair1

Loose Ponytail with Roller on the Ends

Now if your hair is extremely long and the thought of pin curling your entire head gives you a headache, here’s a shortcut for you.  Find a scunci (they still sell them at Target); a scunci will protect your hair from breakage as it puts no stress on the hair.  Gather the hair into a very high ponytail, like a sumo wrestler and secure it just tight enough, not too tight.  With the hair that is left out of the ponytail, divide it into three sections.  Now, you can either get some satin pillow rollers or roll the ends with 3 to 4 rollers or you can pin curl the sections and secure with roller clips at the base.  Finish with a satin bonnet and the next morning you will have beautiful curls on the ends of your hair!

The foundation to every great hair style is a great haircut.  Make sure you have a foundation to begin with; any of these techniques will accentuate the beauty of your long hair.  See you next time!

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