How To Have Long Hair

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Getting your hair to grow long is a conversation I have with clients on a weekly basis.  Most women come to me with the same goal, they want long hair.  Long hair is attainable, but you have to follow a strict regimen.  You cannot be lazy.

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Shampooing and conditioning

Shampooing a conditioning your hair is a vital part of growing longer hair.  Reason being that getting all of the dirt and grime off of your scalp promotes healthy hair and growth.  I tell women even if they shampoo and condition their hair once a week and put in a leave in conditioner and pull their hair back in a pony tail or bun, this will help their hair grow.  You must let your scalp breathe.  Remember, the secret to a healthy head of hair starts with a healthy scalp.

Alternative hair styles

Most of us want to wear our hair in straighter styles most of the time.  Having a natural style alternative is essential to give your hair a break from the heat of the flat iron.  Wearing a loose braided style, twists, or a curly puff on top of your head are all cute alternative styles for your hair.  It’s up to you to find one that suits you best.  This is also great for working out or wearing while on vacation.  Any way you look at it, you will be able to get everything done without having to worry about your hair.

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Wrap your hair every night

I say this time and time again, if you are not taking hair of your hair while you sleep, you will not get the result you desire.  One thing all of my clients that have in common is that they wrap their hair at night before they go to bed.  Wrapping allows you to cut out having to use a flat iron every morning which allows your hair to thrive and grow.  If you can wrap your hair every night before you go to bed, you will see the difference immediately in your hair.  Wrapping distributes the natural hair oils in the hair to the mid lengths and ends of the hair.  Your hair will never be dry, and your roots will always be straight if done properly.  Trust me; this is very important in growing your hair longer.

I hope these 3 tips on how to have long hair helps you on your long hair journey.  If you have any other questions, I would love to hear from you.  See you next time!
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